Ajman Spa

We are a well-known full body massage spa in Ajman, and our Ajman spa offers a variety of treatments. We also provide luxurious massage spa treatments that can be customized to your personal needs.

Our massage therapists come from a variety of nations, including Pakistan, Thailand, Russia, and India. We provide a variety of massages, including Thai massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, full body massage, body massage, four hand massage, couples massage, Russian spa and massage, sensual massage, Kerala massage, Malayali massage, and body to body massage. Our massages start at just 99 AED. We Chandrima spa is Ajman and Sharjah's best and most affordable massage spa.

Experience a world of rejuvenation and relaxation at our spa in Ajman. We provide a wide variety of massages to meet all of your needs. We take great pride in being a well-known full-body massage destination, and our spa is well known for offering opulent massage experiences in Ajman. Our spa offers a wide variety of massage techniques thanks to the diverse backgrounds of our team of talented therapists, who come from India, Thailand, Russia, Pakistan, and other countries.

With our selection of massage services, you can experience the pinnacle of relaxation, including: Full Body Massage in Ajman: Our full-body massage targets all of your muscles and enhances your general well-being. Experience ultimate relaxation.

Body Massage in Ajman: Indulge in a relaxing body massage designed to relieve stress and revitalize you.

Four Hand Massage in Ajman: Experience an unparalleled level of relaxation with our four-hand massage, where two therapists collaborate to deliver a luxurious treatment.

Ajman Couples Massage: Enhance intimacy and relaxation with our couples massage, and share the bliss with your special someone.

Deep Tissue Massage in Ajman: For those looking for a more potent therapeutic experience, our deep tissue massage is ideal for releasing knots and tension in the muscles.

Hot Stone Massage in Ajman: Let the deep relaxation and stress-relieving warmth of the stones take you away.

Hot Oil Massage in Ajman: Treat your skin to a luxuriously nourishing and hydrating massage enhanced with warm oils. Indulge your senses with the restorative properties of aromatherapy massage in Ajman by fusing massage techniques with therapeutic oils.

Russian Spa and Massage in Ajman: Treat yourself to a revitalizing experience by indulging in the distinctive Russian spa and massage techniques.

Sensual Massage in Ajman: With our specialty sensual massage service, discover the sensual side of massage. With our Ayurvedic massage services in Ajman, you can fully embrace the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda. Explore the healing properties of Malayali massage in Ajman, provided by knowledgeable professionals.

Body to Body Massage in Ajman: Indulge in the sensual and incredibly calming experience of a body-to-body massage. We take pride in providing the greatest and most reasonably priced spa experiences in Ajman and Sharjah, with massages starting at just 99 AED. Come to our spa to relax, revitalize, and get away from the stresses of everyday life in a friendly and calm setting. At Ajman Spa, the journey to relaxation starts right now.

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